The Hodag Sports Club has numerous teams that utilize our ranges for practices and matches. Some teams need to have membership to participate in practices but non-members are welcome for team matches. Please see the team listings below for team and non-member prices as well as individual team contact information.

USPSA – United States Practical Shooting Association

You need not be a USPSA/IPSC member to shoot.

The “Northwoods Practical Shooter“, a sanctioned club under the direction of the USPSA, has been operating at our rifle range at 5896 Sports Club Road.

Bruce Gary and a team of dedicated local shooters have been holding matches every 4th Sunday from April-October over five years at our Rifle Range. Various stages are set up where you move and shoot at moving targets, disappearing targets, falling targets, and various steel interactive targets which all help to sharpen your shooting skills.

Practices are held every Tuesday starting in April 5 PM – 7 PM until October; fall hours are adjusted for safe shooting in daylight hours and determined by practicing teams. You must have a handgun, either semi-auto or revolver with a minimum caliber of 9MM/38 with a maximum of .45. You may also use a Pistol Caliber Carbine in the same calibers. You will need an external hip holster, ear and eye protection, and spare magazines. No concealed carry weapons permitted. There are various classes of shooters and you only compete within your class which levels the playing field.

We welcome interested parties to attend a practice or watch a match. If you want to shoot challenging and interesting stages, and learn to use your handgun effectively, please look us up.

For more information please email Mr. Bruce Gary at Matches and practice are held at the Hodag Sports Club Rifle Range at 5896 Sports Club Rd., Rhinelander, WI.


  • Practices, weather permitting, are every Tuesday from 5 PM – 7 PM from April 18 until Octoer 18, except when range is reserved.
  • Practice is free for members.
  • One day club memberships will be available for USPSA practices this year for $6.
USPSA Practice at the Rifle Range

2019 USPSA Match Dates

  • To be determined
  • Open to all members and non-members
  • Registration at 8:00 AM
  • Shooting starts at 9:30 AM
  • $20 Hodag Sports Club Member/$25 Non-Member/$10 Juniors (children under the age of 16)
  • Matches are open to everyone and our attendance is growing larger at each match!

We highly recommend that concealed carry permit holders consider joining this group to keep their shooting skills sharp. It is always a good idea to keep up on your shooting skills, but especially important if you are a concealed carry permit holder .

You can shoot this sport with about any handgun you own. You will need enough magazines or speed loaders for 32 rounds.

This is a friendly group of shooters that will make you feel welcome.

Hodag Sports Club

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